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This template has been created in good faith to assist you during the Coronavirus outbreak and in accordance with the Government's Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. It is based on the official guidance available as of 26th March 2020, for further details please click here

On 31st March 2020 confirmation was received regarding being able to claim from the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme for all Nanny/Domestic staff on a PAYE Scheme by Mr Louis Flood. He is a Parliamentary Assistant to Chris
Heaton-Harris a Member of Parliament.

Please click here to find guidance to date on how to claim

Way2paye encourage you to make the claim yourself with HMRC when the online portal opens to avoid delay.

Way2paye will make the claim if we can, but due to the additional work involved we cannot guarantee timescales.

Please email us the percentage rates and date you require the calculations to begin ASAP. Unfortunately payroll changes cannot be made for March due to submissions and tax year end. If changes are required they will be made in the next available payslip for you.

Please note Way2paye do not require a copy of your Furlough leave document as it is between You and your Employee/Nanny.

This example/template is free to use. By using this you agree that Way2paye will not be held liable if you are unable to place a claim or have any discrepancies or make a fraudulent claim.

To download the example/template Furlough leave document, please click here


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