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Payslips are sent to you monthly usually between the 15th and the 28th of each month in time for you to give to your nanny via email or post. If you pay weekly we will send you 4 or 5 payslips together for you to give to your nanny weekly. If you wish to make any adjustments to your Nannies pay (i.e. over time, absence without pay) please notify us in writing via email or post no later than the 15th of the month.

All notifications received after the 15th of the month will automatically be calculated in the following months payslip. This is due to submissions being sent to HMRC on your behalf which must be accurate and within a specific time frame.

Submissions are made to HMRC on your behalf. Each submission is based on the payslip provided and must be correct to avoid penalties from HMRC. Penalties are £100 per month for late submissions therefore it is vital that you inform us, on time, if changes are required.

Monthly payslips can be calculated either:
  1. As an average - e.g. £250.00 weekly pay x 52 (number of weeks in the year) divided by 12 (months per year) = Average monthly pay £1083.33.
  2. Or for the exact amount paid for hours worked each month You will need to provide Way2paye with the exact days and number of hours your nanny works for us to calculate exact each month.

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