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Key Events for Automatic Enrolment Service

  1. We send you our information and joining pack upon request
    You complete and return the section for Automatic Enrolment Service on the joining form
  2. We assess your payroll account for eligibility.
  3. We set up your pension scheme with NEST if applicable
  4. We automatically enrol your employee(s) in the pension if they qualify
  5. We send you all the regulatory letters for you to provide to your employee(s)
  6. We process pension contributions through the payroll if applicable based on the minimum contributions, the gross pay and qualifying earnings.
    1. Postponement will be applied for new accounts unless it has been requested not to be applied by you in writing.
    2. If you require other pension amounts deducting, you must let us know on the joining form or in writing. It will then be applied to the next available payslip for you.
    3. If your account is already set up and you employ another or new member of staff the postponement may not be applied unless requested to do so.

  7. We process any opt outs and opt ins.
    1. Opt outs are sent from NEST for your account and will be processed in accordance with The Pension Regulators Legislations.
    2. For opt ins if your employee requests to opt in we will set up a NEST pension scheme for you.

Ongoing Actions:
  • We continue to monitor your employee(s) status
  • We complete the Declaration of Compliance with The Pension Regulator
  • We keep comprehensive automatic enrolment records
  • If you are still receiving the Automatic Enrolment Service we re-register you with The Pension Regulator every 3 years if applicable
  • We will help you with any queries that may arise in relation to the Automatic Enrolment Service throughout the Term.

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