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Key Events for Payroll Service

  1. We send you our information and joining pack upon request

    You complete and return the information and joining pack

  2. We register your account with HMRC if required

    We send you our joining letter detailing key information and dates

  3. We send you payslip(s) for you to give to your employee

    You check the net or gross amount is as requested and give the payslip(s) to your employee with their net pay and report to Way2paye immediately if there are discrepancies

  4. We make Real Time Information submissions to HMRC based on the payslip(s) provided

    You must let us know of any changes that may need making to a payslip(s) no later than the 15th or date specified of the month in writing (emails are accepted as in writing)

    We send you details of how to pay HM Revenue & Customs

    You pay HM Revenue & Customs as advised

  5. We make all the required Real Time Information submissions to HMRC during each payroll cycle

Ongoing Actions

  • If an employee leaves:
    • You let us know if your employee leaves, the leave date and the amount of final pay if it's different from usual prior to them leaving
    • We send you a P45 for you to give to your employee

  • You must let us know if any benefits in kind are given to your employee
  • At the end of your financial year:
    • We finalise your year-end return based on information you provided
    • We send you a P60 which you must give to your employee

At the end of the agreed Term you may renew your Account annually as required and subject to our agreement to renew our contract with you.

We try to help you with any queries that may arise in relation to the Payroll Service throughout the Term.

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